Random Variations

by la science des reves

In the second release from la science des reves, The Orlando-based artist continues to delve further into soundscapes and melancholic tones. Abandoning guitar for the majority of the record, he uses piano, organ, and synths to form a collection of cognate thoughts. 

"Warming rituals carried out through melancholy ambient swaths. Piano, organ, and acoustics all fade into each other under dense layers of synthesizer. Ultimate escapism."-Plush Organics


Released April 7, 2017 

Random Variations by la science des reves 

la science des reves – Pierre Medina 
Written and recorded between July 2016 to Nov 2016 
Recorded at Tangerine Buffalo Home Studio in Orlando, FL 
Mixed by Pierre Medina and mastered through LANDR 
Pierre Medina: piano, harp, synth keyboard, organ, guitar, field recordings, noises. 
Mike Sweeney: Drums on Átomos Bailando 
David Sierra: Keyboard on Átomos Bailando 
Artwork by Pierre Medina